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    The Business of Building Businesses

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    The Business of Building Businesses

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    The Business of Building Businesses

    Barrington Media Group, LLC
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    The Business of Building Businesses

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    The Business of Building Businesses

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    The Business of Building Businesses

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    The Business of Building Businesses

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    The Business of Building Businesses

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    The Business of Building Businesses

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    The Business of Building Businesses


We provide capital, know-how and expertise to help accelerate the evolution and growth of promising companies at the lower end of the middle market.

Investment Strategy

Focused Strategy. Broadly Applied.

  • Our Sweet Spot
  • Investment Criteria

We focus exclusively on investing in leading service-oriented companies in the lower middle market.

  • Pure-play service companies.
  • Product companies that create long-term competitive advantage through a service "wrapper."

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We look to partner with successful companies where the addition of our capital and operational expertise can accelerate growth opportunities.

Service-Oriented Model 

  • Business Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Information & Software
  • Transportation & Logistics

Company Attributes

  • Strong Management
  • Fierce Customer Loyalty
  • High Margins
  • Stable Earnings
  • Strong Cash Flow

Transaction Profile

  • $20-$100 Million in Enterprise Value
  • Control Buyouts and Add-ons
  • $10-$30 Million in Equity

We've helped build many successful businesses. Could yours be next? View Case Studies

It's All About Growth

How We Work For You.

  • Management Teams
  • For Intermediaries

Our number one priority is working with you to create durable value by providing you with the resources, advice and connections you need to grow your business.

We can help with:

  • Strategic PlanningStrategic
  • Management AugmentationManagement
  • Building Your BoardBuilding Your
  • Geographic ExpansionGeographic
  • Pricing OptimizationPricing
  • Upgrading SystemsUpgrading
  • Organizational DesignOrganizational
  • Supplier OptimizationSupplier
  • Accretive AcquisitionsAccretive

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Fort Point’s operating expertise and strategic oversight significantly helped enhance LSO’s profitability, cash flow and success. In addition, the team worked closely with our team to evaluate new growth opportunities and position us for continued success.

Our track record, deal record and personal reputations have been built on the basic principles of integrity, respect for your relationships and a continuing commitment to fast and expeditious execution. Intermediaries can depend on Fort Point Capital for:

  • A quick and timely response to all inquiries
  • Transparency regarding our level of interest in a potential transaction
  • Ethical, genuine and honest negotiation
  • Timely execution
  • Clear capital structures/less leverage
  • Deep service provider relationships who understand what we want, speed and accuracy

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