Our Firm

We specialize in growing companies at the lower end of the middle market.

Fort Point Capital is a Boston-based private equity firm that invests in and supports promising, service-oriented companies at the lower end of the middle market and helps them take the next step to accelerate their evolution and growth.

Fort Point Capital Was Founded on Two Simple Beliefs

  1. Maximizing a small business’s potential requires constant focus, expertise and nurturing — something experience had shown us larger firms are unable and/or unwilling to provide.
  2. Working in close partnership with management teams is not only the most satisfying way to work, but it also greatly improves the likelihood of a mutually successful outcome.

We spend our days working closely with exceptional entrepreneurs and operators, providing them with the capital, know-how and expertise they need to strengthen and scale their businesses in a way that builds durable business value over time.

When you partner with Fort Point Capital, you get a committed team of experienced business builders who have a passion for helping small companies do great things, with the resources to make it happen.