Our Approach

An approach shaped by over a century of partnerships.

Fort Point Capital has more than 100 years of collective experience identifying, acquiring, managing and growing companies. Our approach to investing has evolved to identify promising opportunities and guide them to fruition, a method honed by experience and insight alike.

Systematic, data-driven, theme-based.

Fort Point seeks to be a transformative, value-added partner to our management teams through collaborative partnerships, active portfolio management, and a relentless focus on growth. We seek out attractive market segments where we can leverage our experience to deliver significant value.

Collaborative partnership approach

Ultimately, our partnerships work because we are able to take the articulated goals for each portfolio company and support management in the development of strategies and tactics.

  • We develop relationships that are built on trust and alignment of goals. 
  • We encourage our management teams to own a meaningful stake in the success that we create. 
  • We work hand-in-hand to identify, assess and implement the best paths forward.

"I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Fort Point as the CEO of two of their portfolio companies, WolfePak Software (now d/b/a PakEnergy) and now, Strata Information Group. Their thoughtful approach to taking very good businesses and making them even better is inspiring. When I was CEO of WolfePak, they invested behind the creation of a sales and marketing engine to drive organic growth, the introduction of new product modules and the build-out of our management team, enabling accelerated growth and scalability of the business, and provided excellent M&A support. They are applying the same playbook to Strata. In both cases, the results are fast growing companies that are delivering best-in-class services to their customers and building enduring value.”

-Brent Rhymes, former CEO, WolfePak Software (aka PakEnergy) and current CEO, Strata Information Group

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Active portfolio management

We let our managers do what they do best – lead the day-to-day operating of their businesses. We believe we can best assist our companies by providing the expertise and resources to help improve key areas such as:

  • Organic growth
  • Strategic Planning
  • Accretive Acquisitions
  • Human Capital Investment
  • Enhancing Sales & Marketing
  • Investing in Technology
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Geographic Expansion
  • Building Your Board
  • Organizational Design

We work with our management partners to craft a comprehensive 100-day plan that identifies immediate growth opportunities and an executable action plan that lets us hit the ground running post-investment.

“It was a great pleasure for me to work with Fort Point at Van Pool, and before that, LSO. They were a true partner to Van Pool, supporting the Company's strategic expansion plans with counsel, resources and capital. Together, we were able to build the team and infrastructure that positioned the Company to continue its growth trajectory for years to come.”

- Richard Jones, Former CEO, LSO and Van Pool Transportation

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Relentless focus on growth

We partner with our management teams to identify opportunities and resources they need to grow both organically and through strategic acquisitions. The results speak for themselves: 57% of companies grew their revenue > 2x during their Fort Point investment period and nearly two-thirds of companies completed add-on acquisitions.

“Working with an experienced team like Fort Point Capital was absolutely critical in 3Phase’s success. The team immediately identified opportunities to scale the business and provided support in building out the management team, professionalizing the infrastructure, and developing our marketing and sales strategy. I am proud of what we were able to accomplish together in our partnership.”

- Mike Strachan, CEO, 3Phase Elevator

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Ultimately, our partnerships work because we are able to take the articulated goals for each portfolio company and support management in the development of strategies and tactics.

Portfolio Companies That Grew Revenue > 2x
Portfolio Companies that Completed at least one Add-on Acquisition

Our Portfolio

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