For Intermediaries

In order for your partners to depend on you, you must be able to depend on them.

The team at Fort Point Capital knows how critical the role of an advisor is to the business owner. Throughout our history of partnering with sell-side intermediaries, we've worked hard to cultivate and maintain a network of mutually beneficial relationships. This has enabled introductions of Fort Point Capital to business owners.

We recognize that the source of an introduction can represent many years of a trusted relationship, and we treat that introduction accordingly. We also recognize that an introduction is the first of many steps before reaching a final decision about the sale of a business. We have expertise in structuring bespoke investments, where the speed and clarity of response and certainty of close are critical to our shared success.

In every instance throughout our history, we have always understood and placed a premium on relationships. Our track record, deal record and personal reputations have been built on the basic principles of integrity, respect for your relationships and a continuing commitment to fast and expeditious execution.

Intermediaries can depend on Fort Point Capital for:

  • A quick and timely response to all inquiries
  • Transparency regarding our level of interest in a potential transaction
  • Ethical, genuine and honest negotiation
  • Timely execution
  • Clear capital structures/less leverage
  • Deep relationships with service providers who understand that we want speed and accuracy