Kyle Petrillo


Kyle Petrillo joined Fort Point Capital in 2022 as an Associate.

Prior to Fort Point, Kyle was an Associate at Stifel where he primarily focused on mergers and acquisitions for middle market Business Services companies.

Kyle received a B.A. in economics and history from Amherst College. Outside of work, he enjoys running, reading and reluctantly supporting the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Commanders.

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Questions & answers

What do you look for in a management team you're thinking of investing in?

Each business is unique and has different managerial requirements, but in general we look for proactive problem solvers that inspire their teams. Anyone can be an effective leader when times are good - we want to identify and support teams that can keep morale high, and actively look for solutions and growth opportunities during times of uncertainty. It’s always a plus when management teams can make data-driven decisions to truly optimize performance.

What's the most important thing when it comes to making the private equity firm-management team relationship work?

Transparency and open communication. We are here to support the business in periods of growth and help the team manage through tough environments, but it’s hard to do either if we aren’t aware of what’s happening in real-time. We establish regular touchpoints with key members of the C-Suite and are always available to act as a sounding board or answer questions as necessary.

How did you become interested in private equity? What drew you to it?

I’ve always been drawn to business/finance, and I learned early in my career that private equity (especially where FPC plays) aligns very closely with my personal investing philosophy - patient, long-term capital supporting profitable businesses with high-growth potential. Tolerant of risk and willing to see investments through the rough patches, but never risk-seeking or looking for all-or-nothing opportunities. The ability to work directly with the companies that we invest in makes the industry even more interesting.

What's your most memorable investment?

It has to be ROX360 as it was the very first deal and first platform investment I got to work on. I remember meeting the management team just a few days after stepping into my role at Fort Point. Perhaps more importantly, I got a chance to work with a team of people that I truly enjoy working with. It also doesn’t hurt that one of ROX’s biggest operations is at the beach I grew up visiting every summer.

If you weren't in private equity, what would you be doing?

My dream job (other than working at FPC, of course) is to be a published thriller author. Several notebooks in my apartment are littered with random settings, incomplete character arcs, and half-baked outlines. Even if I never make it on the NYT Bestseller list, I’d still love to see my name in a bookstore.

What’s your favorite way to spend some time off?

I could sit in a chair on a beach from sun-up to sun-down and have no regrets about it, so long as I have a book or good company. My favorite spot is the Outer Banks, but any place with sand and salty air is perfect, so long as it’s not too crowded.