Nicholas DeFrancisco


Nick DeFrancisco joined Fort Point Capital in 2024 as an Associate.

Prior to Fort Point, Nick was an Analyst with Nomura where he worked on the TMS team focusing on software, fintech and IT services.

Nick received a B.Eng in Operations Research and Information Engineering from Cornell University. Outside of work, Nick enjoys smoking meats on his Traeger, exploring the Boston restaurant scene and rooting for the New York Giants.

Questions & answers

What's the most important thing when it comes to making the private equity firm-management team relationship work?

Communication and transparency are the foundation to a successful private equity-management team relationship. There will be challenges that arise as companies scale, and it is important to make those known to all parties. By being transparent, investors and operators can come together to determine the best course of action. Having a constant dialogue leads to better collaboration and optimal outcomes.

What motivated you to choose Fort Point?

From my first conversations with the team at Fort Point Capital, it was apparent that the culture here is unparalleled. Everyone is encouraged and expected to bring new ideas to the table from day one. This culture permeates into the relationships with portfolio companies. Fort Point truly functions as a partner that collaborates with the leaders at their portfolio companies to help them scale going forward.

How did you become interested in private equity? What drew you to it?

Since I was young, I have loved solving puzzles. I view private equity investing in a similar light as you must put together many different pieces from different data sources to determine what will make a good investment. Further, after the investment has been made, there are many complexities that will arise as companies scale. I love working with our portfolio companies to find the solutions, much like solving a puzzle. I look forward to coming in every day to put the pieces together and solve new problems.

What is the most important part of your job?

Being the most junior part of most deal teams that I am on, I am often working closest with the numbers. As the person who is driving our models and leading analysis of new opportunities, it is extremely important that I try to unearth all the insight that I can from the data.  I pride myself on unpacking the data to find unique pieces of information to further our conviction on new investment opportunities.

What do you like best about your job?

Scratching my intellectual curiosity and learning about new industries, companies, and business plans every day is my favorite part of working with Fort Point. Our investment mandate allows me to look at a variety of different businesses and learn something new every day. Consistently learning and growing is the most fulfilling aspect of this role.

If you weren't in private equity, what would you be doing?

I'd start with my own restaurant specializing in low and slow smoked meats. Getting in early in the morning and spending the day sweating over an open flame as a variety of different meats cooked around me. The highlight of every day being the dinner rush and getting to host customers and welcome them to my smokehouse. Getting to know each guest and hear their stories as they enjoy their BBQ would be truly special.