James Clayton


Jimmy Clayton joined Fort Point Capital in 2022 as a Senior Analyst.

Prior to Fort Point, Jimmy began his career as an investment banking analyst at Wells Fargo Securities, advising both public and private clients on M&A and capital markets transactions in the Utilities, Renewable Power, and Energy Transition industries.

Jimmy received a B.S. in Economics and Finance summa cum laude from the College of Charleston.

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Questions & answers

What do you look for in a management team you're thinking of investing in?

I think the best outcomes occur when the existing management team of a business we partner with is excited by the prospect of a new phase of growth. Often this occurs when management does not have the resources or authority because of legacy ownership constraints to enter new markets or provide new services for their customers. Other times there are rising leaders within a company, with intimate knowledge of its operations, that are eager to step up and prove themselves as capable institutional executives.

What motivated you to choose Fort Point?

I was excited to work here because Fort Point is a fast-growing, entrepreneurial firm run by partners with a long track record of success as investors at well-established funds. I saw Fort Point as an opportunity to join a successful player in middle market private equity where I could have a more holistic experience with a broader range of responsibilities that I would not have access to at a larger, more rigid company.

What's your most memorable investment?

Probably the acquisition of Triaxiom by Strata Information Group; this was the first deal I saw from start to finish at Fort Point. The founders of Triaxiom were rewarded for building a high-growth, high-demand business on the back of uniquely excellent customer service and technical expertise. As part of the SIG platform, the opportunities they can pursue are a clear example of the combined entity being greater than the sum of its parts.

How did you become interested in private equity? What drew you to it?

I knew in college that I wanted to pursue a career in investing, for the intellectual benefits of analyzing and forecasting different businesses and the discipline it develops in staying current on the markets, economy and current events. Private equity appeared to, and does, offer the opportunity to learn businesses at the most detailed level and has given me exposure to challenges across finance, sales, operations and human capital. It has also given me the chance to observe skilled operators handle these situations.

What do you like best about your job?

From my perspective, the best aspect of this job is the access to and opportunity to work with experienced investors, executives, and entrepreneurs. Being the most junior member of lean teams, making decisions that can dramatically affect a business and its stakeholders, provides me invaluable experience and exposure at the start of my career.

If you weren't in private equity, what would you be doing?

I think if I were not working in private equity investing I would be pursuing something entrepreneurial, trying to build a sophisticated and challenging small business for myself. I had a lot of respect for entrepreneurs and operators before working at Fort Point, but I now have an entirely new perspective on their importance to our society and economy.